December 2012

HELP! Used Daily for Over 6 Years

Kathy Feste

I am a huge fan of your "EasyGo Drinkware" stainless lined travel mugs. I HAD 1 that I used daily for over 6 years!!! Somehow it just disappeared. I am interested in purchasing a mug. Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP. Thanks, Kathy Feste.

MME – We replied to Kathy that our ‘EasyGo Drinkware’ product line is available in large and small chain convenience stores nationwide.



‘Sox’ Ends a 6 Year Relationship!

Michael A., Lyndhurst, NJ

I spoke to your customer service this morning about my coffee cup, I have had my 20 oz. Mercury coffee cup for almost 6 years, it was a DD for Dunkin' Donuts, I have been drinking my coffee out of this cup and no other, I even took it on vacations with me. This is by far the best coffee cup ever made. Well my cat Sox who I love very much jumped on my desk and knocked it off of my desk and the outside of the cup cracked. I had coffee in another cup this AM and just did not enjoy my coffee at all. I must say that 12/3/2012 is one of my saddest day of all. Please help me enjoy my coffee again and replace my cup I will pay what ever it is. Thank you so much. Michael A., Lyndhurst, NJ

MME – We had ‘Sox’ cough up a replacement.



8 Years / 5000 Cups – Time for a cup change!

James Schmidt, Saginaw, MI.

I bought one of your 20 oz wood grain mugs at a 7-11 about 8 years ago. I would have to say during the 8 years I have drank 5000 cups out of this mug. I don't see where I could order another one straight from you. Would you happen to know of anyone that is selling the 20 oz wood grain mug? Also, one of the things I like about your mug, I can drive from Saginaw Michigan to the Ohio Turnpike, about 2 1/2 hours and my coffee would still be hot! James Schmidt, Saginaw, MI.

MME- We replied to James indicating the wood grain collection has been replaced by our popular Camouflage Mugs using ‘Next Camo ®’ licensed patterns. These same quality mugs are good for another 8 years/5000 cups - available in convenience stores nationwide.



If an ‘Old Firefighter Mug’ Could Talk!

Captain of Monterey Park Fire Department, CA

Good morning! I have had one of your 32oz cold insulated hour glass shaped mugs for years. This has become very sentimental to me because of all the fire incidents I have taken this mug with me up and down the state of California. The shape is what’s the huge plus because no matter where I have gone, the mug rides on my center fold down arm rest and never spills going around corners or on rough roads, which is about 80% of my firefighting roads I travel.
Today your EasyGo mug fell off my fire engine and the lid cracked in two. The rest of the mug is in great shape. The lid had a screw style attachment and swivel top to allow the straw to go into the mug. I would absolutely love to buy one of these lids, or a whole new mug if I knew where one would be located. I’m afraid my "old' firefighter mug might be an antique too. Oh yes it’s a red mug with engraved flames above the little EasyGo medallion that was on each side too. If there is any way you can help my search I would greatly appreciate it!
Rick–Captain Monterey Park Fire Department, CA



July 2013

’Best Mug I Have Ever Had’

Justin – Greenville, TN

I purchased one of your “Mugs Made Easy” mugs, a 20 oz. Mercury mug. I have had this mug for several years and must say it is the best mug I have ever had and I have owned many. This mug is very sturdy and will keep coffee warm for several hours. I accidentally dropped the mug (not the first time) and the handle broke. I cannot find this mug anywhere and would like to purchase a replacement. My niece even stopped at travel centers along the way to the beach and found a similar mug, but it does not come close to being the same quality mug. Again many thanks for your assistance. Justin – Greenville, TN



Helping Support ‘Team USA’ Athletes - $7350 Donation

“It’s great the convenience store community came together and raised over $7000 for ‘Team USA’ from proceeds on the sale of each travel mug.” commented Steve Schlotzhauer, President of Mugs Made Easy. “Moreover, we are happy that our ‘Team USA’ branded travel mug promotion was a success and well received by c-store customers across the country – thank you for helping support U.S. Olympic athletes –”.

Helping build a great coffee experience for your customer is what we’re all about.



Three-quarters of convenience store retailers use Facebook, and image building is their dominant strategy for the social media platform, according to a new social and digital media study conducted by Convenience Store News and Balvor LLC, a leading retail industry consultancy. That’s significantly more than the number that use digital platforms such as e-mail marketing (56 percent) and text messaging (51 percent). Click {HERE} for the complete article.



The New 'It' Consumer

Melissa Kress

Millennials are replacing their Baby Boomer parents as the power generation.

Brad Morris, senior manager of customer advisory services for Coca-Cola Refreshments, was walking through a large grocery store about a year and half ago when he spotted a young mother under 30 years old with her toddler and made two notable observations.

First, she was carrying a Coca-Cola product that was not yet available at the store and was most likely purchased from a convenience store. Secondly, as he tells it, Morris saw the young mother pick up a box of cereal, snap a picture of it on her smartphone — possibly reading the bar code or accessing nutritional information — and then place it back on the shelf. Morris had just witnessed the new "It" consumer: the Millennial. Click {HERE} for the complete article.



Sales of coffee dominate sales of hot beverages, making up 83.3% of the total hot beverage market in the US. Coffee consumption is expected to increase through 2015 at an average annual rate of 2.7%, while tea consumption is expected to increase through 2015 at an average annual rate of 3.1%, according to the National Coffee Association's (NCA) National Coffee Drinking Study. Click {HERE} for the complete article